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Screenshots from users of the matrix widget

Warsaw Tram Monitoring System, and its voice communication control application - Robert Trawinski (robert.trawinski@softax.com.pl)

Real time stock market analysis - Donato Petrino (dp@rtsffm.com)

A directory browser / file manager - Dirk Vangestel (gesteld@se.bel.alcatel.be)

Options risk analysis - Andrew Reid (andrew.reid@aus.db.com)

A disk organiser - Alexander Ivanov (avi@eaglesoft.com)

Trading system - (Andrew Lister)

Display of tree-like structure - (Andrew Lister)

Screen for hedging short end bond positions - (Andrew Lister)

A free version of a popular finance program that runs on an infamous operating system. - (Rob Clark)

Yield curve construction - (Andrew Lister)

Option portfolio display - (Andrew Lister)

Total Airspace and Airport Modeller - A product that will sit on the desktops of employees at NASA, Continental, Lockheed Martin, FedEx and many more! - Shane Arnott (sda@preston.net)

A regression test optimisation tool - Tessela employee, Jonathon Tilbury (Jonathan.Tilbury@tessella.co.uk) helped (or did it all himself, I dunno) add the GUI to a powerful analysis library developed by TransEDA

Oleo The old GNU spreadsheet with a "gnew" look on it. (Danny Backx).

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